Frequently Asked Q & A

Frequently Asked Q & A

I realize checkout payments are provided by third-parties (not YesStore.Club) allowing customers to pay-over-time.  Who do I contact for payment related issues?
You will find the lender's customer service phone number on your monthly statement provided by the lender or can connect to them through our e-switchboard by calling 877.973.1222 Option 2.
How do I track my YesStore.Club order?
Customer orders automatically generate tracking information emails for each product shipped separately. If you have questions, please call us at 877.973.1222 Option 1, then 2.
What should I do if I don't receive my product?
If you do not receive your delivery in reasonable time, please call 877.973.1222 Option 1, then 2 or email:
How do I cancel an order?
Customers deciding to cancel their order should email: or call 877.973.1222 Option 1, then 2.
Can I ship my purchase to another address different than my own?
Generally customers are not permitted to ship to an address other than their own. Under certain circumstances it may be possible for customers to ship to a different address. Customers with special needs should contact: or call 877.973.1222 Option 1, then 2.
What is YesStore.Club's return policy for general merchandise?
Product returns or exchanges must be arranged by contacting or calling 877.973.1222 Option 2 within 14 days of purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, you can return products provided packaging is unopened. Please be sure to read your product carton contents labels before opening boxes. You may be financially responsible for returns of opened boxes or boxes with broken product seals. Furniture orders, deliveries and returns are subject to strict rules discussed in the next question below.

What is YesStore.Club's mailing address and contact information?

Yes Credit Store Corporation
8130 Baymeadows Way West
Suite 305
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Phone: 877.973.1222
Fax: 888.892.5390

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How does YesStore.Club protect my security?
Customers can rest assured their privacy and information is secure and is always protected. Information collected on this site or through our sales process is kept secure and confidential. Records are encrypted and stored in a secure cloud environment. Our online store is protected by a security certificate. Information is never sold or disclosed to third parties outside of our process. Information transfers are by fax or encrypted email files. If you have any questions about your records security/privacy please contact us by emailing: or by calling 877.973.1222 Option 3.
What are the terms & conditions associated with furniture purchases?
ABOUT YOUR FURNITURE DELIVERY - We will contact you to coordinate delivery when your furniture is ready to ship. If customers are unable to accept delivery on the scheduled day, as a courtesy we may sometimes schedule re-delivery but fees may apply. If furniture is unable to be delivered on the scheduled date and the shipping company is unable to reach you at the number you provided, the furniture will be returned to the supplier or manufacturer. Re-stocking fees may apply and re-order may be required.

DELIVERY DETAILS - Generally, all "free shipping" of furniture is limited to curbside delivery. In-home delivery (White Glove Service) is mandatory for oversized items and available upon request for any order involving the need by the customer to have their furniture placed in the home. The cost of White Glove Service will be added to your order upon request.

DAMAGE - We recommend that you carefully inspect the merchandise upon delivery. Any damage or defects not reported within 48 hours of delivery may become the responsibility of the customer.

WARRANTIES - Warranties vary by supplier and manufacturer. Customers should examine each specific manufacturer's warranty prior to purchasing.
Can I use your program if I am not a USA citizen?
YesStore.Club is only available to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents in the USA.  Certain products and spending limit approval providers are not available in every state.